Stitt Vu Trial Lawyers' Case Results & Testimonials

Case Results

United States v. An Individual, 23CR711-BTM

Client charged with importing 15 kilograms of cocaine, 8 kilograms of fentanyl, and 5 kilograms of heroin. These charges carried a potential ten-year minimum sentence. Worked with client and client's family to develop a defense to the charges, which included conducting an investigation in Mexico. After requesting a trial date and extensive discovery, the government dismissed all charges.

United States v. An Individual, 23CR1404-BAS

Client charged with importing 9 kilograms of methamphetamine. This charge carried a potential ten-year minimum sentence. Conducted immediate investigation and worked with client and client's family to develop a defense to the charge. After requesting the earliest trial date, and demanding specific discovery, the government dismissed all charges.

United States v. An Individual, 22CR2356-RBM

Client charged with importing over 9 kilograms of methamphetamine and a kilogram of fentanyl after a prior drug transportation felony conviction. This charge carried a fifteen year minimum sentence. Worked with client to develop a defense to the charges, and the government agreed to dismiss all charges.

United States v. An Individual, 22CR1373-DMS, Dkt. No. 66

Government conceded suppression of an illegal wiretap that constituted the bulk of the government’s evidence in a conspiracy case.

United States v. An Individual, 21CR1751-BAS

Represented the client at sentencing for a felony importation of heroin conviction. The court imposed no jail time or a fine despite the government’s recommendation for a year of jail time, and instead ordered the client to be supervised on probation for three years and to complete community service during that time.


Melissa F.

"Great attorney. Excellent communication, attentive and made me comfortable with talking to him with a high level of professionalism. Highly recommend."

Jerred R.

"Ryan Stitt has been my legal representation for over 5 years now and has constantly and consistently shown why he is one of the best there is. His legal knowledge is vast and precise. Ryan will say with confidence what is possible and while working together we have been able to achieve everything we have attempted. He is very quick to respond and shows that he cares as he takes my matters seriously. With Ryan, I know that I am not just another client, but rather someone that he is genuinely interested in helping. He has provided me legal assistance and guidance during some of the most difficult times in my life and has always fought tirelessly on my behalf. I am grateful to have Ryan as my legal representation and know that with him in my corner, I have the support I need to navigate whatever legal challenges come my way."

Jose R.

"Tommy and Ryan are excellent attorneys. They genuinely care and communicated with both my family and I as early and as much as possible. Their hard work and diligence resulted in my drug importation case being dismissed."

Jose R.

"I was arrested with drugs in my car at the San Ysidro Port of Entry and charged with importing them. Ryan Stitt visited me in jail and he told me that I do not have to pay time for a crime that I did not commit. Ryan contacted my family, since I couldn't because I was in isolation. When out on bail Ryan contacted me to work on my case, with a probability of sentence of 10 to 15 years or more, Ryan and his investigators looked for cases similar to mine. In just a few days after meeting with Ryan, he called to me to give me the news that the prosecutor would dismiss the charges against me. I feel very grateful to Ryan and his team for the great job he did in my case, since for my previous felony I thought I would spend a lot of time in prison and because of Ryan and his team it was not like that."

Juan A.

"Tommy was concerned and prioritized my case from the beginning. He took the time to explain everything to me and I’m confident that his attention to detail helped get my criminal case dismissed. Although I appreciate him, I hope I am never in this situation again where I will need his help. If I need help in the future, I know who to call."

Ivan R.

"I told Tommy I was innocent the first time I met him. He was the only person who believed in me from the beginning and he always fought for me. He was always professional and communicated very well. He treated me with respect and not as a criminal. The government dismissed the drug importation case against me and I am forever grateful."